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Teri Lynn Hatcher was born on December 8, 1964 in Sunnyvale, California. She was a cheerleader for the San FranciThe Love Boat Mermaidssco 49ers after high school. While attending California Polytechnic Institute she attended an open casting call with a friend and ended up getting her first big break on The Love Boat as Amy a Love Boat Mermaid. A Group of singers and dancers brought in for the last seasons of the show to "spruce it up."  Teri took acting classes at The American Conservatory where Annette Benning was one of her teachers.

Teri's career spawned from there with guests shots as a recurring character Penny Parker on MacGyver and sitcoms such as Karen's Song and Sunday Dinner that didn't last very long. She also starred in movies such as  The Big Picture with Kevin Bacon, which was her first feature film role, Tango & Cash as Sylvester Stallone's sister, Soapdish, and Straight Talk. She also was one of many women to play the part of Jerry Seinfeld's love interest on Seinfeld in a role people still recall to this day as a woman by the name of Sidra who Jerry breaks up with because he believes her breasts are not real. After this famous episode she went on to Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman where her career seemed to skyrocket. In the following year older movies she had made such as The Cool Surface, Brainsmasher: A Love Story, and Dead In The Water were released on video. Due to the success of Lois & Clark Teri was now being offered juicer film roles, but only ones she could make during the hiatuses of the series. Of course during her first hiatus on May 27 1994, she married Julliard trained actor Jon Tenney who was primarily known for his stage work in The Heiress and a starring role on the series Equal Justice. Teri joked that they spent their honeymoon at FAO Schwarz. She then went on to Louisiana to film Heavens Prisoners where she played a seductive and manipulative wife of a Cajun crime boss played by Eric Roberts. The film also starred Alec Baldwin, Kelly Lynch and Mary Stuart Masterson, which was not released until May 1996

During the second hiatus of Lois & Clark, Teri filmed 2 Days In The Valley and ensemble piece where she played a vindictive former Olympic skier plotting to murder her philandering ex-husband. Also starring James Spader, Jeff Daniels, Danny Aiello and Eric Stoltz, Marsha Mason and at the time newcomer Charlize Theron. This film was not released until September 1996.

In the last hiatus of Lois & Clark Teri filmed Since You've Been Gone, Friends actor David Schwimmer's directorial debut. This film was never released to theaters, premiered on ABC in late 1997 and then went on to video.

In May 1997 Lois & Clark was cancelled, the reasons why vary, but in a way it was a blessing in disguise because when the decision was made Teri was three months pregnant with her first child. Even though this could have easily been written into the series, it was probably for the best not to have a pregnant woman working sixteen hours a day and being dangled from flag poles.

After the series ended she went on to be a Bond girl in Pierce Bronson's film Tomorrow Never Dies.

On November 10, 1997 Emerson Rose Tenney was brought into the world via caesarian section. While still pregnant with her daughter Teri was voted by FHM magazine the Sexiest Woman on Television. She was featured in many magazine pictorials while expecting, and also filmed numerous Discover Card Commercials. Teri stayed low key for a while but did find time to film the last episode of Seinfeld in May 1998 were she once again performed the role of Sidra Holland.

Teri then went on to intensive training and rehearsing for her role of Sally Bowles in the road show of Cabaret. Which started in April of 1999 in  Los Angeles and then went on to numerous other cities such as Chicago and ended it's run on September 4, 1999 in Washington D.C. Teri received rave reviews as did the other cast, most moving on to or had already performed on Broadway.

Teri's next projects consisted of guest spots on series such as Fraiser, and a series of Radio Shack ads with former NFLer Howie Long. These ran for years to mixed reviews. In the summer of 2000 Teri performed off Broadway in The Vagina Monologues while her husband was performing down the street in Current Events.  A film she had made in the late nineties, Fever, was released in limited cities and then went on to DVD and video. She also filmed the made for TNT film Running Mates in 2000 with Tom Selleck, and Laura Linney.

Teri's then went on to in Spy Kids as an evil agent who ends up having a really bad hair day. Later that year she made the USA TV movie Jane Doe.

Since then Teri has made a few films and was last seen in a guest role on the series Two and a Half Men. Her new series Desperate Housewives is already receiving rave reviews and debuts in September 2004.

In sadder news in April of 2003 Teri filed for divorce from her husband of nearly nine years. No reasons were given as to why, which isn't any ones business anyway. I feel that whatever is best for them is all that matters, but I have met both, and seen them together and wish them the best in all ways possible.

For now when she isn't busy filming Desperate Housewives, Teri spends most of her free time with with her daughter, traveling throughout the world and doing charity work.


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